Welcome to Rhema Christian Church, Houston Texas USA;  A glorious assembly of Jesus people, a people of power, purity and purpose. Here again you are faced with another opportunity to experience the God of Grace as He demonstrate His unmatchable acts of changing your destiny in an undeniable manner.

Rhema, is a place to be, large enough to celebrate, small enough to care. Rhema Christian Church, Houston Texas is a prophetic place of divine rest, where nobody is allowed to suffer or permitted to fail.  It is a great commission church where everybody is somebody and Jesus is Lord of all. Champions laugh last; no matter what situations you find yourself right now, you shall enjoy the last laughter in Jesus’ name.

We are about one thing—focus on raising and nurturing glorious assemblies of Jesus’ People through preaching and teaching of the TRIUMPHANT WORD of God that saves, liberate and empower souls for a victorious living in all nations, to all classes of people and in all generations..

Be there for covenant security, peace and prosperity. I see you ascending into greater realms of Grace in the precious name of Jesus.

Jesus is Lord!

Timi Somuyiwa-Daniels (Pastor)