Welcome to the International Prayer Frequency
Just Call +1 832-301-9001 and be connected into the conference

Callers can join on this number or any of the numbers Listed.  Connect to the Prayer Frequency in 3 ways:

1. Call +1 518-530-1840 Meeting ID: 375 864 798

2. Online @ www.iprayerline.org

3. Call +1 (832) 301-9001 OR 605-475-8033 OR 855-579-8540 No Pin Needed

Callers outside the U.S can connect online, or via any of our International Dial-in numbers. Visit the International Access number pages. We have over 90 International access numbers. Please note if your number is not listed on the NO PIN REQUIRED page kindly check the PIN REQUIRED page. Download the Prayer Frequency App on Goggle Play Store Or iprayerline Radio App on iTunes and blackberry

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